Play to feel. Play to heal. Play to reveal.

Friday Night CASTT

Every Friday Night @ 9:45pm Eastern

Current FNC CASTT members:

Dustin Yager, Kayla Devorak, Lara Taylor-Kester, Menachem Cohen, Scott K, Timothy Grant, Tinelle Reno Evans.

Friday Night CASTT started as a group of multidisciplinary professionals playing games together on Friday nights. Each player was growing and learning as a TTRPG player and Game Master from each other and the games played. It soon became an experience we wanted to share with others and so we decided to live stream our play sessions on Twitch. Friday Night CASTT was the start of live streaming and actual plays for CASTT Gamers.

The intention of Friday Night CASTT is to demonstrate the power of playing TTRPGs with other multidisciplinary professionals who engage in the practice of intentional gaming. We highlight how practice among professionals builds experience and confidence in intentional gaming. Friday Night CASTT uses a 12 session model and implements the magic circle, check-in/check-out questions, and a final debrief session as the core of the intentional gaming practice.

Friday Night CASTT returns to Kids on Brooms in November, for Year 2 of Yalecapdes. Join them as they return to their beloved KoBr characters and continue to explore the threads laid in Year 1. Find out if Trystan continues the search for his father, how Eliza now feels about teachers, how Roberts is managing the loss of his legs, if Calvin continues to remain clueless, and if Lexa and Riley ever become more than friends.

To catch up on Year 1, you can watch the episodes on the CASTT Gamers YouTube channel or on Twitch!

© 2022 Viacom International Inc. All rights reserved. Nickelodeon, Avatar, and all related titles, logos, and characters are trademarks of Viacom International Inc.

Until then, watch us play Avatar Legends RPG every Friday Night until November on Twitch or YouTube!

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