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What are One Pagers?

What is a One Pager?

When CASTT first started, Menachem suggested one way to share our thoughts on the intentional applications of TTRPGS could be through a one page review of the game we played (either with the group or in another setting) thus the One Pagers were born.

We are bringing the CASTT One Pagers to our blog and will be posting archived One Pagers throughout the month from games like Itras, By, Thirsty Sword Lesbians, and Exquisite Polycule. We hope to continue writing One Pagers and sharing them on the blog and if you are interested in writing your own One Pagers, please feel free to use the template below and then be sure to email your One Pager to us so we can share it in a blog post. We hope to one day put all the One Pagers together and publish a book of One Pagers!

How do you write a One Pager?

Great question!

Use one page to share your thoughts on the value and implications of a TTRPG you played that you see a potential use for in your work. Menachem also created a template. The process of writing a One Pager is straight forward and the template is an easy tool to follow to help you create one. You can also use a One Pager to share resources, like Strings, have helped structure your games to help promote social skills, spiritual discovery, therapeutic processing, and other intentional practices.

Don’t worry if you have a duplicate game, we love seeing all the perspectives of what makes a game great for intentional practices!

Below is the template we use when writing a One Pager, you are welcome to download it to write your own One Pagers. Don’t forget, if you do write a One Pager, please feel free to share it with us and you’ll see it as a Blog post entry!

One Pager Template

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