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Save Against Fear 2022

The Bodhana Group’s yearly convention, Save Against Fear, will be held this year on October 6th-9th. SAFe holds a special place for CASTT: founding members met as Save Against Fear 2019 was where the CASTT seeds were first planted, inspired by their experiences at SAFe to continue to play games intentionally together. 

This year, many CASTT members will be attending SAFe in person and are very excited! We’re also grateful to GATE (Gaming Approaches Towards Education), who will be sharing their table with us – sign up for SAFe and see us there! You will also be able to find CASTT members hosting training sessions and running games in the Therapist Track designed for professionals who want to engage in intentional gaming. 

Below you’ll find the schedule of CASTT facilitated events which you can register participate in here!

Friday, October 7th 2022
10:00am Women are WerewolvesKayla Devorak
12:00pmMicroscope: A Fractal Role-playing Game of Epic HistoriesGraham Gentz
12:00pmUsing Dreamchaser with ClientsMenachem Cohen
12:00pmVenture SocietyTim Grant & 9th Level Games
2:00pmUsing Dreamchaser with ClientsMenachem Cohen
2:00pm Women are WerewolvesKayla Devorak
4:00pm “I am Sorry and” Kayla Devorak & Lara Taylor Kester
6:00pm DreadTim Grant
Saturday, October 8th, 2022
10:00amIn Home, In-Play, a Gaming Approach Panel with Brian Quinones
10:00am“The Countess” Playtest Kayla Devorak & Tim Grant
12:00pm Venture SocietyTim Grant & 9th Level Games
12:00pm“Escape from Dino Island” – A STEM Education AdventureKayla Devorak
2:00pmAlice is MissingTinelle Evans Reno
4:00pmExquisite PolyculeJennifer Andress
6:00pm“Miami Vamp” – Vampire the Masquerade 3rd EditionGraham Gentz

We can’t wait to see you at SAFe!!

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