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Play to feel. Play to heal. Play to reveal.

Who We Are


To nurture a community of applied, spiritual and therapeutic tabletop gamers: CASTT Gamers.


Decolonized Mental Health. We deconstruct institutionalized behavioral health care, which arises from and reinforces white supremacy, patriarchy and capitalist constructs. 

Multidisciplinary. We integrate all fields of practice in alignment with our vision, other values and our shared mission.

Inclusive. We open our space to all expressions of identity and personality, oriented by the experiences of those most marginalized by oppressive constructs.

Accessible. We support universal access by recognizing individual accommodations and lived experience as subject matter expertise.

Collectively Organized. We form as a distributed, non-hierarchical community with hub-and-spoke style working groups. 


We harness the narrative power of tabletop games to facilitate individual, spiritual and social transformation for those we serve, for those we love and live alongside, and for ourselves.

What We Offer

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Our Stream

We host actual plays of TTRPGs, discussion panels and game shows on our Twitch stream several days a week. We also upload our content to YouTube and rebroadcast regularly! Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates.

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Our Server

Our Discord server is a meeting place and gaming space for all members of the CASTT Gamers community. We also share academic resources, professional development and game reviews. Click the link to join!

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Our Support

Many of our members lead their own communities outside of CASTT and we love to show them love! We uplift anyone who shares our dream in a TTRPG community that’s inclusive, accessible and empowering.

Latest From the Blog

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