Play to feel. Play to heal. Play to reveal.

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Discord Server

We facilitate connection with fellow gamers exploring intentional play with tabletop games through topic-based chat channels and regular virtual meet-ups for gameplay and socializing. Join the Discord community now!

Twitch Stream

We host weekly and monthly streams for actual plays and talk shows, all featuring community members and special guests. 

Community Support

We foster community care in the form of support group meetings, fundraisers and partnerships with similarly aligned groups and organizations. 


GM Resources

Play more games with intention with these GM Resources.

One Pagers

Read through experiences our community members have had with a selected tabletop game – in one page! Find the One Pagers under the One Pagers category on our Blog!

Workshops & Panels

Many of our community members have been a part of intentional gaming workshops and panels, check them out here!

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