Play to feel. Play to heal. Play to reveal.

Crit Hit Pedagogy: the Educator Show

Photo of Crit Hit Pedagogy promotional picture with date and time on it.

Co-Hosts: Graham Gentz & Kayla Devorak

Tell us what games we should get critical with in the comments below!

Every 1st Thursday of the Month @ 8:00pm EST

Join us as we explore the “How and Wow” of Intentionality and Practice in TTRPGs to create immersive learning experiences across STEM, Language, Critical Thinking, Humanities, Community Building, Empathy, Communication, and Jus Bein’ a Good Ol’ Human.

“Crit Hit Pedagogy: the Educator Show” will premiere its VERY FIRST EPISODE on November 1st with the CASTT playing in the Mystery Fleshpit National Park.

And we know what you’re thinking. “Of course the Fleshpit! It’s the obvious first choice! But how and why can it be utilized for STEM?”

That’ll, a’course, be answered on the stream itself, be cool. But if you’re looking to find out more about the Mystery Fleshpit National Park,

check out

some of

these links


Tune in to CASTT Gamer’s Twitch Channel on November 1st to see how CASTT explores the educational applications of TTRPGS!

And Fleshpits!

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